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Steel Tent

Premium / VIP Steel Structure Tent rental in Dubai.

Steel Tent

Premium / VIP Steel Structure Tent rental in Dubai.

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Product Details

Steel Tent | RSME202087

The Steel tent provides the ultimate solution for military services, plane and vehicle parking, and housing for a temporary project. This particular tent that we offer is the perfect creation for us in the category of military services. The Steel Tent is a special hangar made from the best steel and is covered with high quality PVC that varies in desert, sandy, and other PVC colors to fit every desire.

This particular tent is used mostly for military services as it can vary in size. The size can reach up to 3-30 m in width and has an unlimited height making it high in demand.

Optional Accessories

  • PVC Window Sidewalls 
  • Anchoring 
  • Lining and Curtain 
  • Doors
  • Hard Walling System 
  • Flooring System 
  • Weight Plate
Additional Delivery Charges to other Emirates will be applied. 

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