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Richmond Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating Package

Richmond Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating Package

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Product Details

Richmond Outdoor Seating | Code: RSME202005

  • Inclusions: Richmond Sofa (1), Richmond Armchair (2), Richmond Coffee Table (1)
  • Sizes: Richmond Sofa, L1.45m x D0.85m x H0.70m | Richmond Armchair, L0.85m x D0.85m x H0.70m | Richmond Coffee Table, L1.2m x W0.6m x H0.4m
  • Recommended Use: Gala, Dinner, Corporate Parties, Weddings & Events Indoor/Outdoor Setup 
  • Sofa Color / Material: Rattan Single Seat and Double Seat Sofa 
  • Table Color / Material: Rattan Coffee Table
  • Note: Package can be customized according to no. of Pax & requirements.

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