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Portable AC WPC-5000

Portable A/C Solution

Portable AC WPC-5000

Portable A/C Solution

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Portable AC WPC-5000 | Code: RSME202067

This portable air conditioner spot cooling for large areas where cooling of entire area is not practical like factory, open area, etc. It is much economical to provide cool air to people or material directly than entire cooling. It also provides room cooling function for closed area to control the room temperature.

Cooling Capacity:21000BTU; 1.7Rt/6.1kw
Power Supply:50Hz; 220 240V; Single Phase
Current Consumption:9.5 amps
Power Consumption:2.1Kw
Operating Conditions:18-45 ⁰C
Cooling Area:50m²
Size:W523mm x D623mm x H1042mm

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