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3.5 TON AC

Free Standing A/C Solution

3.5 TON AC

Free Standing A/C Solution

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3.5 TON AC | Code: RSME202067

Air Conditioners works best in an airtight environment such as well insulated room with doors and windows closed. These Air Conditioning Cooling System is good for indoor events or in AA Closed Place Or Tents.

Electric Shock Prevention:Class I
Climate Type:T3
Rated Voltage:380-415 V 3N
Rated Frequency:50Hz
Rated Cooling Capacity T1:49474 BTU/h
Rated Cooling Capacity T3:39920 Btu/h
Rated Cooling Capacity T1:14.5 Kw
Rated Cooling Capacity T3:11.70 Kw
Rated Cooling Current:13.62 A
Rated Cooling Input T3:5.84 kW
Max. Input Current:14.5 A
Max. Input Power:8.00 kW
Max Discharge Pressure:2.80MPa
Max. Suction Pressure:0.80MPa
Air Volume:1900m³/h
Indoor/Outdoor Unit Noise:57/60 dB(A)
Indoor Unit Weight:53kg

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