23 July 2016

Animated movies are one genre which appeals to every generation- be it 1 or 100! As of today, the quality of animated movies gets better with every new release, and the stories are just so very unique and entertaining! Most of them portray animals, who can talk- with real actors giving these adorable little animals their voices. A lot of money and time is put into making these spectacular hits which are ever so colourful and cheerful to watch!

Here are the Top 5 best animated movies of this year, 2016, as of July.

    • FINDING DORY: The most awaited animated sequel of the year, PIXAR’s Finding Dory was a huge hit in the box office. A sequel to the hit “Finding Nemo”, which came out 13 years ago- this one is sure to take you and your kids on a rollercoaster ride full of underwater adventures! It reunites the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way. Although it is said that it was almost as good as the prequel, it has become the biggest movie of the US- having broken multiple records. The screenplay is excellent, with every little character created with such detail, which has totally endeared all of us. PIXAR does know how to get the audience to go “Aww”, and this movie is the best example. If you haven’t watched Finding Nemo yet, I suggest you watch it first!
  1. THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS- Have you ever wondered what your dog/cat/guinea pig/hamster does when you’re not at home? Brought to us by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures- this comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day, is guaranteed to make your heart melt. Each adorable little furball in the movie has a special role, and their designers have perfectly captured and incorporated the behavior, habits and tactics of every animal- to make this stunning piece! It has done really well in the market, earning more than $100 million on the opening weekend, in the US. I personally, am waiting eagerly to get my hands on a ticket to this one!
  2. ZOOTOPIA- This entertaining movie from Disney, is not only extremely enjoyable to watch, but also teaches us of the importance of taking action in order to realize our dreams. It’s a take on real life- a look at what happens when different people and cultures find themselves crammed together in the same space. From a technical standpoint Zootopiais top notch. The animation is spectacular- In close-up, each creature looks truly alive. Some say it’s the best one by Disney, yet. You wouldn’t want to miss this one- it teaches the audience about the realities of life, in a fun-filled manner- more than enough to keep them enthralled!
  3. ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE- The fifth installment of the now 15 year old franchise, like the other four, just cannot disappoint. Like its prequels, this one from Blue Sky Studios, is heavy on slapstick and cozy family comedy but light on real laughs and affecting drama. It’s perfect for children, with constant entertainment from Sid the sloth, his exceptionally cool and adorable grandmother, Manny and his family, Buck and of course- Scrat, whose shenanigans and love for acorns is, (quite literally in the movie) out of this world!
  4. KUNGFU PANDA 3- There have already been 2, and with each installment, it just keeps getting better! This movie, the series basically, has everything- action, adventure, truly original comedy, and a whole lot of drama! This thrilling piece from DreamWorks Animation, is sure to keep you completely engrossed, laughing throughout. It will make you feel as if you've stepped into a fully realized world. And then once you've stepped out, you'll be craving dumplings! If you haven’t watched the other two, you have to do to so immediately!

If you haven’t watched one of more of these, you’re missing out on a lot! Same goes with the prequels of 1, 4 and 5. It’s great to watch with friends, and the whole family! What’s more, is that these movies are more suited to bigger screens, as they are so vibrant and pleasant.

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