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5 ideas for restaurants to boost their business this FIFA world cup season

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5  ideas for restaurants to boost their business this FIFA world cup season

With summer already at the door and seasonal factors making a direct impact on the restaurant industry, restaurants need to think of creative ways to keep their customer numbers high. According to a recent research by Blue sky local, it is noticed that 61 percent of restaurants notice a decline in customers during seasonal holidays or a major event. With the vacation and FIFA World Cup joining hands this season, restaurants are faced with an excellent opportunity to increase their inflow of customers and catering orders.

RentSher, an online marketplace for rentals of event furnitures and services has 5 ideas through which restaurants and catering companies can boost their business and scoring a double: an increase in their customer inflow and reducing their costs. Take a read...

1. A golden opening day

With Eid-ul-Fitr likely to commence on June 15th, what better way do football fans need than to watch the opening match of the FIFA world cup in a restaurant after Iftar. Customers love watching the matches outside with friends. With our neighbours Saudi playing, it gives them one more reason to cheer louder on the opening day. Restaurants should take advantage of this golden opportunity and create curated Eid celebratory packages. Ensure that the ambience is set with TVs and speakers in place for your customers, such that they are engulfed in the football vibe of the place. Not to mention that your customers will keep ordering for more food, with the energy levels high in the restaurant. Who would not want to watch a match cheering for their favourite team with their fellow supporters? :D

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2. World cup themed delicacies:

Create a menu which is FIFA themed. Announce today’s special based on the countries playing that particular day. It could be a combo based on the two countries’ famous delicacies. Alternatively, you can create your own dish and name them after the countries to create curiosity amongst your customers, ensuring they try them out. For example, Brazilian burgers or brigadeiros (Brigadeiros are considered the national truffles of Brazil ) , Italian Tiramisini are a few ideas to start with. You could also set up a free cupcake table with the cupcakes designed in the team’s colours.

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3. Announce lucky draw prizes and roll out freebies:

Announce a lucky draw with a prize of meal-for-two for those customers who are in your restaurant watching the match, asking them to predict the final result with scores. This ensures the atmosphere in the restaurant is vibrant with energy levels on an all time high and they have to return again to avail the prize.
Hire a facepainter, provide free popcorn for your customers ensuring they watch the match in an environment that they cannot forget. Offer free t-shirts (this will incur a cost but going forward, this will set a tone for your customers to enter wearing their favourite team’s t-shirt) creating the  necessary vibe for making your restaurant the go-to place for watching football matches.

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4. Announce exclusive package for customers in the knock-out stages

Once you have created the necessary buzz during the initial stages of the world cup, start announcing for reserved booking for the quarter-finals and semi-finals. Up your game by setting up a giant screen with speakers. Ensure your employees are dressed as referees( Use your imagination :) . Install PS4 stations with bean bags where your customers or their kids can play before the start of the match and during half-time, making your restaurant not having a dull moment and a favourite place for kids too :D

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5. Run a social media campaign

This is pretty obvious with the majority of our population on social media. Run an online campaign creating a hashtag relevant to your restaurant and the world cup. This encourages your followers to participate in the competition urging them to predict the finalists. The winners will be allocated two free seats which are designed and are different from the usual furniture to make them feel special. And once they are there, they become your brand advocacies with the energetic vibe you have created ;)

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Let us know what changes you are doing to your restaurant this summer to increase your business in the comments section.

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